This information is for you who have travelled or live abroad, and/or see yourself living outside of the home country. 

You may still be undecided as to whether Canada is the best option for you. That is why we share these 10 arguments that will help you make a decision. 

Canada is one of the safest and most prosperous countries in the world!  

Canada welcomes international students every day of the year 

According to figures from the Canadian government, in the country, there are about 642,000 people from all over the world under study permit status. The figure places the country in third place with the largest number of international students after the United States and Australia. 

Study and work at the same time 

Students in professional programs, such as undergraduate, graduate, specialization, and/or certificate programs may work part-time while studying. If the program has vacations, they can work full time during that period in most cases. With a part-time income, it is enough to cover expenses such as rent, transportation and food.  

Full-time work permit for couples 

The partner of students has the benefit of accessing a full-time work permit regardless of the level of English. It is important that the student chooses the correct institution to ensure that the couple obtains said work permit. Ask us for details. 

Free education for children 

kids between the ages of 4 and 18 can study for free at schools in Canada. They must not have a level of English to be accepted. In fact, many learn French as a third language. 

Canada projects international students as permanent residents 

“International students are excellent candidates for permanent residence: they are relatively young, fluent in at least one official language, have Canadian educational qualifications, and can help address this country’s current and pending job market needs, particularly for highly educated workers. qualified”, states the Government of Canada International Education Strategy 2019-2024.  

Work permit after graduation 

International students can access a full-time work permit for between 1 to 3 years, depending on the duration of the program and the type of educational institution they have attended. This permit is called a Post Graduation Work Permit.  

Opportunities to achieve permanent residence in Canada 

According to Statistics Canada, an official entity, 6 out of 10 students with work experience -at least one year- became permanent residents within 10 years of obtaining the first study permit. The length of time varies if the student first studied the language, studied at the wrong institutions and must study again, or decided to return to the country of origin, among other reasons. Ask us for details. 

Estable Immigration Programs 

Canada’s immigration system is one of the most stable. The changes implemented have speeded up or facilitated the process to become eligible for a permanent residence. During COVID, Canada launched immigration programs that benefited 90,000 people in worker status and international graduate students. 

Variety of Immigration Programs 

Canada has pilot immigration programs in certain cities. In addition, students of professional programs can change their status if they have a job offer from an employer and can access the various migration programs in force in the country. 


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This article is a translated version of a piece written by Paulina Angarita Meneses.


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