What is the Post-Graduation Work Permit?

Learn about the meaning of this open work permit in Canada and how it helps an international student become eligible for permanent residence. 

Studying a professional program at a college in Canada allows you to apply for a work permit after completing your studies. This permit is called Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), and there are many myths and misinformation surrounding it. In conversation with Chaim Global Ally, lawyer Angelica Gonzalez Blanco, an immigration practitioner in Canada, explained the meaning of this open work permit in Canada and how it helps an international student to be eligible for permanent residence. 

“The Post-Graduate Work Permit is a privilege that international students have (in Canada). It is an open work permit that allows you to enter the Canadian Experience Class,” said Gonzalez-Blanco. Work experience in Canada of at least one year under a work permit – such as the PWGP – raises a person’s profile to be eligible for permanent residence in Canada. 

In this video, the lawyer resolved doubts about whether or not the PGWP can be extended, how many times a person can obtain it, and what type of educational institution in Canada allows a student to apply for this permit. In this link, you can find official information about this work permit. 


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