Emigrating to Canada is the dream of many people, either to study or to get a good job, since this country is considered one of the nations that guarantees the best quality of life for its immigrants. In addition, it has many natural, cultural attractions and quite high salaries that make it easier for the immigrant to achieve their goals and progress in the way they have set it.

However, for the immigrant, achieving this life plan implies that he must comply with rigorous processes of legal formalities and academic preparation, considering that the regulations in this country are among the highest in the world.

And this is precisely the objective of this informative guide, to provide you with attractive job offers in Canada and the requirements that you must meet with the immigration authorities so that you travel and settle without complications in a nation that surely has great opportunities reserved for you. Not surprisingly, the UN has named this nation as one of the best places to live.

How to legally work in Canada 2020?

For the immigrant, it can be a little complicated to comply with the entire immigration process that involves taking a trip to Canada if you do not have the precise and correct information on the main aspects and conditions that you must meet to work legally and without problems in a country. with multiple work and study opportunities such as those offered by this place.

That is why we will describe below some important factors that you must analyze in advance to start the process of change of residence.

One of the first considerations that you must take into account is the city that you will choose to live and work , because the climatic, cultural, industrial and even tourist conditions of a region are decisive for the creation of job opportunities that a region can offer. specifically, to the immigrant.

That is why it is especially important that you research in detail the job offers guaranteed by the main cities such as Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. Similarly, if these three options are not to your liking, our purpose is that you can rely on our guide to choose more clearly your next place of residence.

Later, we will detail some web pages with the best jobs that Canada offers you, which will surely help you to choose assertively the city that offers you the best opportunities to progress.

Obtain the work visa that suits your goals

Different aspects will condition your visa in Canada according to the life plan that you have proposed to start and fulfill in this country, so it is very important that you have clear the main objective of your stay, the time you want to stay to live, your age , nationality, experience, level of English and financial solvency.

Each of the visas is framed in special conditions, so we recommend that you evaluate very well the type of document you need, to live in this country for a long time and without legal problems.

Prepare a curriculum adapted to the country’s regulations

Of course, each country has its own selection peculiarities for a specific job, and surely you have the skills and academic training necessary to stand out in a nation with employment opportunities as diverse as Canada.

Although it is not considered an essential requirement to work in Canada, it is recommended that you have the ownership of a bank account in this country, since when you get a job you will surely need it to be paid the salary , taking into account that most Canadian companies pay by bank transfer.

Also, it is very likely that when you live in this country you need a bank account to carry out various procedures and financial procedures.

Requirements for working in Canada

Live and work in Canada

Without a doubt, Canada is an exceptional country to live in and this qualification has been achieved thanks to its organization and formality in its regulations, so to work legally in this nation you must meet all the requirements that the law demands , since if Canadian authorities detect any irregularity in any of your documents, they may expel you and even deny you entry in the future.

Work visa

Here you can apply for three work visas, which we will describe below so that you can know the scope of each document.

  1. Student permit for Canada

It allows you to study in this country for more than six months and combine work with a vocational course (Not valid for a single English course)

You must be enrolled in an official institution. Also, you have to deliver a letter with the confirmation of the registration.

  1. Post Graduation Work Permit for Canada

It allows you to access a job after you have graduated.

You will have to have completed a university course of a minimum duration of 8 months in an authorized institution and apply for the job within a maximum period of 90 days after completing the course.

The validity of this visa is comparable to the duration of the studies, which is between eight months and two years. In case the course is extended to two years it can last for three years.

  1. Working Holiday Canada

Authorizes to work in Canada and study for one year, and if it is to study, only admits a maximum of six months.

English skills

To live in Canada and get a job it is necessary to have a relatively advanced level of English , since although you do not have a direct relationship with the public, you will need it at least to communicate with your boss and your colleagues. For some companies it is probably an essential requirement and they even require the accreditation of the title, so we recommend that you prepare in advance in the language and achieve international ownership.

If you have gone to this country with the purpose of learning English, it is very likely that in a few weeks you have already acquired the basic knowledge to communicate , since you will be forced to speak in this language every day and the classes at the academy will facilitate learning quickly and effectively.

Here are some tips if you are an immigrant in this country without experience and do not speak the language:

  1. It is important that you research as much information as possible about the immigration process to Canada, so that you will have clearer documentation to collect and payments to make.
  2. Know the options that this country offers you to work legally.
  3. Working in some trades that are not so demanding to hire foreign personnel and will allow you to improve your language, as well as adapt to a totally different work system.
  4. Take some online courses on how to emigrate to Canada.
  5. Try to perfect English or French before emigrating, so you can balance a little lack of work experience with the fluency you have of these languages.
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