What are the services that Chaim Global Ally offers to international students?

Our basic services are:

• Application to the student programs to receive the letter of acceptance
• Visas, study permit and work permit (we work closely with a legal firm that can assist you with your legal status in Canada)
• Find a place to reside in Canada (residence apartments, homestay, student residences, hotels)
• Orientation services (VIP) (extra cost)

Does Chaim Global Ally offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer scholarships.

What is the LOA (Letter of acceptance?

It is written communication issued by an educational institution to a student that is formally accepted in it. Generally, it confirms the details of the offer of the institution, including the total price of the registration, career’s name, start date, date of completion, student’s personal information, deadline for tuition’s payments, etc.

What are the requirements to apply to a post-secondary program?

• English level equal to or greater than 6.5 and no band below 6 (IELST TEST)
• Diploma & High School and undergraduate grades (depends on the program)
• Your resume updated in Canadian format
• Documents translated to English or French depending on the province and educational institution

How long does it take getting a letter of acceptance from a college o any other educational institution?-secondary program?

That depends on the institution and program chosen by the student. However, it may vary from 3 to 12 weeks.

How much will cost me study in Canada?

Canada is one of the countries with the best educational reputation in the world. Among the countries with the highest reputation in this field are also the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Canada among these countries is considered the cheapest educational destination. Although the costs vary depending on the institutions and educational programs, we can give an idea of that. For English courses the cost of a week can vary between 300 and 1500 Canadian dollars, the general cost will depend on how many weeks you should study.
For post-secondary programs such as diplomas, post certificates, masters, or bachelor’s degrees, the costs are calculated per year and the cost per year can vary from about 7 thousand to about 40 thousand Canadian dollars.

Can I work while I am studying in Canada?

The answer is yes! You can work part time, that is, 20 hours a week, as long as your educational program meets the following requirements:
1. Be considered a FULL-TIME program.
2. Be a program at least 60% in person
3. Be a Post Secondary program. (after high school)
4. This is dictated by an educational institution designated and recognized by the Canadian government.

Can I work while I am studying English or French in Canada?

Unfortunately, you cannot work while you are taking a languages program in Canada regardless the length of it and the study hours (part-time or full-time) of it.

Can I work after graduation in Canada?

Yes, you can! however, there are certain criteria that your study program in Canada must meet to be eligible to an open work permit after graduation. Not every educational institution offers programs that make you eligible for this work permit. That’s why we are here to help you find the program that fits your needs.

Can I work while studying in the US?

With permission of the International Student Office, international students may work on campus up to 20 hours/week their first year and can apply to work off-campus in subsequent years.

What are the benefits of study in Canada?

• Worldwide recognized Education
• You do not need to apostille any document
• You can work part time while studying (conditions apply)
• You can work after graduation (conditions apply)

What are the English tests recognized in Canadian and American institutions?

First it is important to mention that they may vary depending on the institution, however, here is a list of the most popular ones:
• Pearson Test of English (Academic)
• International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP)
• Cambridge English Exams: Proficiency (CPE), Advanced (CAE), First (FCE)

What are the scores that I must get in order to be admissible in a post-secondary program in Canada?

The scores will depend on the program and the institution you apply to; however, the following are the minimum scores required for each the test:
• IELST 6.0
• TOELF 80
• TOEIC 605
• ITEP 3.9
• MELAB 78

Can my spouse work while I am studying in Canada?

The answer is YES, as long as your study program meets the conditions established by the Canadian government, which are:
1. Be considered a FULL-TIME program.
2. Be a program at least 60% in person
3. Be a Post Secondary program. (after high school)
4. This is dictated by an educational institution designated and recognized by the Canadian government.

When do I have to pay my tuitions fees?

Every educational institution has their own tuition fee’s policy; however, the student rarely must pay the full amount of his/her tuition fee at once. The tuitions fees are often payed per year or per semester.

Do I have to pay my tuition’s fees in order to get a letter of acceptance?

No, you don’t have to pay the full amount of your tuition fees to get your letter of acceptance. However, these policies depend on the educational institutions and some of them may ask you for a deposit as a condition to get it. The deposit is often a 20% of your tuition fees and it is considered as a part of your final payment.

Can I study in Canada and the US with a visitor visa?

If you are applying for a program longer than 6 months you must apply for study permit once you get your LOA (letter of acceptance). If your program is for a shorter period, the study permit is not required.

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