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We are a great, committed, experienced and honest team which is built by people who know by a personal and professional experience the process of becoming an international student in North America.
Each of our advisors are certified by ICEF and Cambridge English Language Assessment and know by first hand what matters the most in terms of educational choices in Canada and the US. We are committed with your professional success and that is why we not only help you to find the study program that fits your needs but also, we support you to build an attractive professional profile that can lead you to have a successful professional career.

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Who we are?


We are a committed, professional and reliable agency which assists students around the word to find the study program that fits their needs and goals. We work hard to guarantee the students’ success and satisfaction giving them the opportunity to have a professional career in Canada.


We look forward to giving our students the opportunity to build a professional career in Canada that help them to qualify as future skill workers.

Our Core Values

Integrity: we work looking forward our students’ success putting them as priority before any profit
Quality: what we do, we do it professionally
Commitment: we are compromised with our students processes we really want them to have a professional future in Canada.
Honesty: we provide our students with a real perspective about the programs and opportunities they may have through them.

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   3200 Dufferin St Suite 404 Toronto Ontario M6A 3B2          +1647-797-0440       info@chaimglobalally.com

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